Top Mobile Home Repair Tips

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Exterior Repair Including Anchors, Straps, Relevels & More

Just like regular homes, your mobile home also needs repair to keep it in shape. If you are a mobile homeowner, then your place is subject to seasonal wear and tear over time. Unfortunately, it cannot and will not stay in good condition forever.

Keeping this in mind, check out the top 10 mobile home repair tips.

How To Choose A Mobile Repair Company in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Haines City Area?

Are you looking for a Mobile Home Repair Company? Are you considering hiring one for your mobile home? There are a few questions you need to ask. 

  • Find out what kinds of guarantees the company offers for their work.
  • How far will they go to fix your home?
  • What if something isn’t done right?
  • Will they fix it or charge you extra for it?
  • If they do charge extra, what kind of rate structure do they operate under?
  • How involved are you in the repair process?
  • Do you want the company to do all the lifting and putting together?
  • Would you like them to come out and give you a quote after they’ve put everything together?
  • What parts of your house do you want to be repaired? 
Mateo Gonzalez Custom Mobile Home Anchor
Anchor & Strap Options
Using a level to relevel a mobile home

Mobile Home Relevel

Releveling your mobile home from time to time is very necessary.
Winds during hurricane season in Polk county can make this a tremendous problem. Ignorance of this might lead to your mobile home settling over time. It can cause various issues, including cracks in the walls, leaks, doors, and windows not closing properly, and more. It is advised that mobile homeowners should check the leveling of the house twice a year to ensure its level. You can always call Mateo Gonzalez Repair to come by and do an inspection to make sure your structure is exactly the way it is supposed to be.

anchor and strap securing mobile home

Mobile Home Anchors

Mobile home anchors play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and stability of mobile homes, particularly in areas prone to high winds and severe weather conditions. Here are some tips about mobile home anchors and the importance of professional assistance from experts like Mateo Gonzalez

FHA LOAN COMPLIANCE Please Note… In some mobile homes, there may be crawl space between the house’s foundation and skirting. According to FHA loan compliance, FHA skirting must be attached to the foundation of the home

brand new skirting on mobile home

Understanding Mobile Home Anchors

  1. Types of Anchors: There are several types of mobile home anchors, including over-the-top ties, frame anchors, and ground anchors. Each type serves a specific purpose, whether it’s securing the mobile home’s frame to the ground or providing additional roof stability.

  2. Material and Durability: Anchors are typically made from durable materials like galvanized steel to resist corrosion and wear. The choice of material and the design of the anchor are critical for long-term stability and safety.

  3. Local Regulations and Standards: Many regions have specific codes and standards that dictate the type and number of anchors required for mobile homes. These regulations are designed to ensure homes can withstand local weather conditions.

The Importance of Professional Mobile Home Anchor Assistance

  1. Expertise in Selection and Installation: Professionals like Mateo Gonzalez Mobile Home Repair have the expertise to select the right type of anchors for your mobile home based on its structure and local weather conditions. Proper installation is key to ensuring the anchors perform as intended, and professionals have the tools and techniques to install them correctly.

  2. Compliance with Regulations: A professional service ensures that your mobile home’s anchoring system complies with local codes and regulations. This compliance is not only important for safety but can also affect insurance premiums and resale value.

  3. Safety Considerations: The process of installing mobile home anchors involves drilling or driving anchors deep into the ground, which can be hazardous without the proper equipment and expertise. Professionals are trained to handle these tasks safely, reducing the risk of injury.

  4. Time and Cost Efficiency: Although it might seem cost-effective to attempt DIY anchor installation, incorrect installation can lead to future expenses due to damage or the need for reinstallation. Hiring professionals like Mateo Gonzalez Mobile Home Repair can save time and money in the long run by getting the job done right the first time.

  5. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your mobile home is securely anchored by professionals can provide peace of mind, especially during severe weather conditions. Professional services ensure that your home is as safe and stable as possible, protecting your investment and the well-being of those inside.

Mobile Home Skirting Board

Mobile home skirting is an essential component of a mobile home’s exterior, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. It encloses the space between the ground and the bottom of the home, providing a finished look while also offering protection and insulation. Here are some insights into mobile home skirting and the benefits of professional installation services like those offered by Mateo Gonzalez Mobile Home Repair:

Understanding Mobile Home Skirting

  1. Purpose and Benefits: Skirting hides the structural elements and utilities that are underneath a mobile home, such as plumbing and electrical wiring, providing a cleaner and more appealing appearance. It also protects these components from weather, pests, and debris. Additionally, skirting can help with insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs by creating a barrier against extreme temperatures.

  2. Materials Used: Skirting materials vary, including vinyl, metal, wood, and concrete. Each material offers different levels of durability, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. Vinyl is popular for its cost-effectiveness and ease of installation, while concrete and metal provide greater durability and protection.

  3. Ventilation: Proper ventilation is crucial in mobile home skirting to prevent the buildup of moisture, which can lead to mold, mildew, and rot. Ventilated skirting panels or vents placed at strategic intervals ensure that air circulates adequately beneath the home.

  4. Aesthetic Options: Skirting can significantly impact the overall look of a mobile home. It comes in various colors, textures, and styles, allowing homeowners to choose options that complement their home’s design and personal taste.

The Importance of Professional Assistance

  1. Correct Installation: Professional installation ensures that skirting is properly fitted and secured, which is vital for it to perform its protective and insulative roles effectively. Experts like Mateo Gonzalez Mobile Home Repair are skilled in installing skirting so that it withstands weather conditions and lasts longer.

  2. Compliance with Regulations: Many areas have specific requirements for mobile home skirting, including materials, ventilation, and fire resistance. Professionals are familiar with these regulations and can ensure that your skirting meets all local codes, avoiding potential fines or required modifications.

  3. Customization and Design: Professionals can provide advice on the best materials and designs to suit your home’s needs and aesthetic preferences. They can also handle custom fittings for irregular terrains or non-standard mobile home designs, ensuring a seamless and attractive finish.

  4. Time and Cost Efficiency: Attempting to install skirting without the proper tools or experience can lead to mistakes that waste materials and time. Professional services can complete the job efficiently and correctly, potentially saving homeowners money in the long run by avoiding the need for repairs or adjustments.

  5. Durability and Warranty: Professional installations often come with warranties or guarantees on the workmanship and materials used. This assurance means that any issues related to the installation or materials can be addressed without additional costs to the homeowner.

Insurance retrofit job & skirting replacement to Florida code

Insurance Retrofit

Ensuring that your mobile home meets the stringent standards and laws set by Florida is not just a matter of regulatory compliance—it’s also a critical step in securing insurance coverage for your property. Most insurance companies mandate a comprehensive mobile home retrofit as a precondition for offering insurance. This requirement underscores the importance of updating and upgrading mobile homes to adhere to current safety and construction codes. Without meeting these standards, homeowners may find it challenging to obtain insurance, as many providers are hesitant to cover properties that do not comply with state regulations.

A mobile home retrofit involves integrating new technologies and improvements into existing structures to enhance their safety, durability, and efficiency. This process can encompass a wide range of updates, from making homes resistant to natural disasters like earthquakes and floods to implementing energy-saving modifications. For instance, retrofitting a mobile home to include earthquake-resistant bracing systems or flood protection measures not only increases the safety and resilience of the home but can also lead to significant savings on insurance premiums. Insurance companies often recognize the reduced risk presented by homes that have been fortified against potential damages and may offer discounts to reflect this lower risk.

In Florida, where the climate and geographical conditions can pose unique challenges to mobile homes, including the threat of hurricanes, flooding, and high winds, adhering to retrofitting standards is especially crucial. Upgrades might include strengthening the anchoring system of the home, improving the durability of the skirting, and ensuring that the structure can withstand the forces it may encounter during severe weather events.

Beyond the immediate benefits of safety and insurance savings, retrofitting a mobile home also contributes to its long-term value and sustainability. Energy-efficient retrofits, such as adding better insulation, upgrading to energy-efficient windows, and installing solar panels, can significantly reduce energy costs and minimize the home’s environmental impact. These improvements not only make the home more comfortable and affordable to live in but also increase its appeal and market value.

For homeowners looking to navigate the complexities of retrofitting their mobile homes to meet Florida’s standards, professional assistance is invaluable. Companies like Mateo Gonzalez Mobile Home Repair specialize in bringing homes up to code, offering expert guidance and services tailored to the unique needs of mobile homes. These professionals can assess the current state of a home, identify necessary upgrades, and implement the changes required to ensure compliance with state laws and maximize insurance eligibility.

In conclusion, retrofitting a mobile home in Florida is a strategic investment in the property’s safety, compliance, and efficiency. By meeting the state’s standards, homeowners can not only secure insurance coverage more easily but also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their home is prepared to withstand the challenges posed by its environment. With the potential for insurance discounts and the long-term benefits to the home’s value and sustainability, the importance of a professional retrofit cannot be overstated.



These are just a couple of mobile home roof repair tips that you should follow. If you take good care of your mobile home, it will last a very long time. It will also keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer and keep your energy bills low. Make sure that you are following these tips in order for your home to stay in great shape for years to come. If you have any concerns about releveling your mobile home, whether or not your anchors are ok or not or need to be replaced. Whether or not your mobile home skirting is in good shape or needs replaced then submit a request. Mateo Gonzalez is guaranteed to give you the best quote in Winter Haven, Lakeland, and Surrounding areas.
You never know what type of damage you might be dealing with, so it’s important that you take every precaution to avoid a major disaster and hire a reputable company. The company you choose must follow guidelines as stated by the Florida code to ensure safe and liveable housing. If you have any further queries, then don’t forget to request an estimate below.